Future Bodies

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“Brilliant show from @RashDashTheatre and @untheatre tonight. Fantastic writing blended with stunning visuals, tech and music. A thought-provoking piece that celebrates the amazing capabilities of the human body.” @HollyMasters19 on Twitter

“Been thinking since this afternoon about what 2 say about by & @RashDashTheatre @HOME_mcr & I don’t really have any words. In a good way. They just make me wanna rip my face off. In a good way. Also, painfully excellent description of heartbreak” @felter_skelter on Twitter

“Future Bodies was phenomenal! If you want to see a piece of theatre that’ll make you both laugh and think – this is it. Not to be missed!” @jennydearing_ on Instagram

“Really loved everything about @HOME_mcr talked with my Uber driver about the future of technology all the way home” @KateBradnam on Twitter

“My phone died after the show so I licked it. A student turned to his teacher, “Miss, I have questions.” I felt so broody. I cried a lot. is amazing, mind boggling. I feel happy to die and excited for breathing. Thanks” @AlfieHeffer on Twitter

@untheatre and @RashDashTheatre have created a brilliant show and the equally brilliant @HOME_mcr – been contemplating the provacative ideas raised for days now – what it means to be alive – and what will it mean.” @DavidCNicholson on Twitter

“Second time at @RashDashTheatre & @untheatre‘s tonight & so much to love about it. Lots of details & ideas I missed first time around, & still in awe of how amazing it all looks, & great work from blue-hued Beckie Wilkie & her smart, infectious live soundtrack.” @CirclesStalls on Twitter

“This was still the best mindboggling thing I saw last week – at @HOME_mcr Those crazy kool kids @RashDashTheatre and @untheatre have created a fascinating piece looking at saving your soul (to a memory stick?)” @GrouchyCritics on Twitter

“It was great to see such a diversity of actors, to have such different bodies, different ages, different body types.” Audience Member, Manchester

“It went out to other audiences because of the sign language, the words projected for you to read, it was just so different to be accessible for anyone in that way.” Audience Member, Manchester

“Loved the music, mixing live was not what we expected at all… thought that was amazing, the way she nailed it and got it on cue every single time.” Audience Member, Manchester

“Definitely surpassed expectations, the ending just blew my mind as well” Audience Member, Manchester

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